San Francisco’s Concerned Residents Experiencing Annoying Aircraft Maneuvers


Below are some resources you may find useful in advocating to reduce jet noise in our community.

An early letter to the SFO roundtable stating what SCREAAM is and what we want
SCREAAM Letter for SFO Roundtable_Jun 22 2016

A powerpoint style presentation to introduce people to jet noise issues and SCREAAM

Link List

SFO Roundtable
This is the group of government representatives from Bay Area cities that work on solutions to noise issues with SFO and the FAA on behalf of residents.

SFO Noise Abatement Office
This is a department of SFO that collects data and complaints about noise.

Quiet Skies NorCal
An advocacy group formed by citizens in 2016 to deal with jet noise issues throughout the bay area.  As of now they deal almost exclusively with arrival routes which do not have much impact on noise in San Francisco.  The noise we get is all from departures.

This site covers jet noise issues throughout the nation.  SF is only one of many cities that have seen a huge increase in noise since the NextGen system was rolled out by the FAA.