San Francisco’s Concerned Residents Experiencing Annoying Aircraft Maneuvers

Change coming for neighborhoods plagued by noisy SFO flight paths


Last week the FAA response to recommendations from the SFO Roundtable to fix jet noise issues came out. SFGate published this article about it. Note that the article mostly deals with noise from arriving flights which affects the Peninsula and South Bay. The noise we get in San Francisco is almost exclusively from the departing flights from SFO that make the U-turn and departing flights from Oakland.

5 thoughts on “Change coming for neighborhoods plagued by noisy SFO flight paths

  1. That’s why 1) Flights from OAK need to go over the bay towards GG Bridge and then in the open ocean fly South 2) Same for flights from SFO doing the u turn.


  2. OAK and SFO U turn flights are cutting into SF and that is not acceptable. SFO and the FAA can do BETTER but letting things as is with NexGen which alot of us know was flawed. Across the US cities are outraged. No I am not saying banning airplanes but if they were to fly open water and around neighborhoods alot of the noise would really go away. I don’t why people say get use to it when THERE ARE POSSIBLE FLIGHT CHANGES THAT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE that I mentioned in my previous post


  3. Also want to mention why SJC flights from the North fly over SF??? I’ve heard those flights too. They should be way off the coast and turn into SJC when about down there at San Jose from the Pacific. Those flights aren’t landing at SFO.


  4. Rather then u turn into SF why didn’t SSTIK flights u turn farther right nto the Bay ??? Isn’t over the Bay less quieter?


  5. The amount of flights, how low and loud they are, is greatly disturbing our neighborhood – Noe Valley and Glen Park area… you can’t even hear people on the phone or in your own room when having a conversation anymore… Something needs to be done about this – it’s affecting quality of life for many people. Please let us find a better solution. What can we do? Sounds like the peninsula is getting the FAA’s attention, but we aren’t?


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