San Francisco’s Concerned Residents Experiencing Annoying Aircraft Maneuvers

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November 29th SCREAAM Meeting Notes

SCREAAM held its 3rd meeting this week. Following are the meeting notes.  They are also available as a PDF file.

Meeting Notes – November 29th 2016

We began the meeting by introducing SCREAAM to new members, discussing SCREAAM’s mission and talking in detail about: “What’s the issue that we are trying to resolve?”  We then reviewed our group’s accomplishments to date: (1) Forming SCREAAM in Meeting #1 – Mid 2016, (2) our first formal letter (basically, our manifesto) to SFO Rountable (available at screaam.org), (3) our Meeting #2 with visits from speakers from the Mayor’s Office/SFO Noise follks in Oct 2016. At that meeting, we decided that SCREAAM will be officially continue as a group and our various activities are worth moving forward with. (3) We have also created many SCREAAM materials: a website, a blog, a good “about us” page, key images, Powerpoint presentation / PDF that summarizes our concerns/request, etc. (4) We also just initiated requests for media coverage, continued Local awareness via NextDoor website, started a Facebook page, tried to initiate contact VIPs at the FAA (and TRACON) for more direct relationships, met with local politicians (supervisors), went to Oakland Airport Noise meetings, and finally (5) got everyone together again for Meeting #3 – see below for everything we got done…

Latest Update of “What is Going On”

We also reviewed the most critical recent document that has the potential to affect the skies above us in the next few years – the letter written by aviation consultants on behalf of the SFO Roundtable to be submitted to Congresspersons Speier, Eschoo, and Farr and that ultimately goes to the FAA as “what the Bay Area is officially asking the FAA for…”   (Link http://sforoundtable.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/20161117_FAA-Initiative-Response.pdf) To some extent, our concerns are all reflected in the letter, but no one is sure what kind of outcome and impact that letter will have – so SCREAAM operations will continue in the meanwhile. Any results from this letter will take months or even YEARS (yes, years) to come to fruition – depending on the magnitude of the changes.

Decisions Made During the Meeting

We made 3 key decisions regarding the organization’s overall strategy and outlined over 20 objectives/tactics that SCREAAM will be moving forward with in 2017. The objectives include such things as which organizations we plan to collaborate with, what media coverage we will be seeking, which tools we will be creating/using, how we plan to grow the group, and how we plan to approach possible legal action. If you are a SCREAAM participant and wish to receive a detailed list of the meeting notes, please get on the SCREAAM mailing list by contacting us and giving us your email.

Note: We plan on accomplishing our objectives with the minimum amount of effort if possible from the group – in order to not waste any of our members’ and volunteers’ time and energy.

Next Meeting – Sneak Preview of January Agenda
SCREAAM’s Next meeting (Meeting #4) will be held in January 2017, but the date / time / location is still being determined. Stay tuned. We will continue discussing important administrative tasks and fine tuning the group’s strategy. Importantly, we will be handing out dozens of specific tasks and to-do’s to members and volunteers at this meeting. Please attend…. It will be “all hands on deck.”

***Thank you*** to everyone involved with SCREAAM and have a blazingly successful end to 2016.

Holiday gift idea: EARPLUGS!

See you in 2017!